We had our kick-off meeting on 11-12 January 2010. Since then and during the past 3 years, we have completed extensive work and a number of successes under the RIMI4AC project. Here is a brief summary of what has been achieved thus far.

  • Regional and Thematic Papers in Research Management

As part of the RIMI4AC project, a series of papers on Research Management practice, provision and development, in Africa and the Caribbean have been produced. The papers (which can be accessed by clicking on the links below) are as follows:

  • IPR Systems & Technology Transfer from Research and Higher Education Institutions: Snapshots from Southern Africa
  • Research Contract Management
  • Critical case study on the current state of Research Management in the Caribbean
  • Strengthening the mechanisms of Competitive Research Funding and Peer Review in Africa
  • Project Management – to be uploaded soon

This activity is led by the ACU

  • Establishment of Regional Research Management Associations As part of the RIMI4AC project, Research and Innovation Management Associations (RIMA) for East Africa, Central Africa & the Caribbean have been developed.  Initial meetings have been held and interim steering committees formed for these respective regions. (RIMAs already exist for West and Southern Africa).  The aim is for the RIMAs to act as professional bodies for research management staff in their respective regions.  The RIMAs will contribute to the professionalization of the RM profession, and increase awareness of research management and innovation issues in their Higher Education environments. All of the RIMAs have held Capacity Building workshops in collaboration with the project partners to strengthen research management capacity in their regions.
    This activity is led by the ACU
  • Regional NewsletterThe first issue of RG2 was published in June 2011. RG2, based on the ACU’s Research Global magazine provides a forum through which experience, information, issues and good practice (on Research Management related issues) can be shared.  Copies of RG2 are being sent to Vice Chancellors/Executive Heads and Research Management Offices (or equivalent) of universities in the Africa and Caribbean regions. RG2, which is published in both English and French will be produced 3 times a year. The editions are available in both French and English to download online by clicking on the links below.

Issue 1/ Édition 1

Issue 2/ Édition 2

Issue 3/ Édition 3

Issue 4/ Édition 4

Issue 5/ Édition 5

If you work in Research Management and would like your office to receive copies of RG2, please contact the ACU at [email protected]

This activity is led by the ACU

  • Training Workshops & Capacity Building event Extensive Training workshops have been carried out by RIMS in various regions with regard to building Capacity amongst Research Managers. Workshops thus far have taken place in West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa and the Caribbean with Central Africa the next target in July.The next evens takes place in Cameroon in March 2012.This activity is led by RIMS
  • Launch of RIMA websites WARIMA’s new website was the first of the RIMA websites to be launched in May 2011. Websites for CARIMA, CabRIMA and EARIMA were all delivered by October 2011. Along with the final website delivery, an expertise platform using a simple questions and answer basis was also created and delivered in October 2011. This platform is currently being populated with common RM questions and answers and discussions regarding policy. This platform can be accessed through each of the individual RIMA websites.This activity is led by Research Africa
  • Survey of Research Management Staff and Academics on research management practices The ACU conducted two surveys on Research Management (in the project regions). The survey aimed to provide baseline data of current provision of Research and Innovation Management support in the ACP region – in areas such as the structure of the RM function; the Kinds of staff/positions working in RM; and Levels of satisfaction in specific areas of RM.  The papers following the surveys can be found on the ACU website at

This activity is led by the ACU

  • Development of a research capacity building mapping tool

As an extension of the expertise database, Research Africa has developed a research capacity building tool that maps and tracks where research capacity building projects are taking place in Africa and the Caribbean. This tool utilises heat mapping technology to showcase areas of funding intensity. The tool is envisaged to help the RIMAs and their members to forge links with other capacity building projects to further their skills and that of the RIMA members and to build and strengthen collaborative networks in each region. The map database is managed and updated by Research Africa.

This activity is led by Research Africa